ultimate insta-bed™ with AC pump

Style Number: 822710
Dimensions: 74" x 39" x 9" (inflated)
Factory Pack: 2

Style Number: 822711
Dimensions: 74" x 54" x 9" (inflated)
Factory Pack: 2

Style Number: 822712
Dimensions: 80" x 60" x 9" (inflated)
Factory Pack: 2

Ultimate insta-bed™ with AC pump Care & Instructions
Patent pending


  • Integrated insta-flex™ AC pump for easy inflation and deflation
  • Suede top keeps bedding in place
  • Flex coil construction for sleeping comfort
  • Stable, firm and comfortable
  • Durable steel frame
  • Open the bed by unzipping the case completely and laying the panels flat on the floor
  • Plug in the cord and turn the pump to inflate. As the bed is nearing completion, test the firmness with your hand.
  • Convenient carry/storage bag included
  • Color: Blue


Integrated insta-flex™ AC pump
Durable steel frame
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